Services & Capabilities

Qintel provides world-class cyber threat research and investigative services for some of the largest technology companies within Silicon Valley including several Fortune 100 businesses. Qintel also assists government entities around the world.


Qintel is one of the first resources our customers turn to when an incident occurs or when they are looking to prevent one. Qintel customers get access to the deepest bench of analysts in the industry, who have worked in this space for years managing an array of cyber events.

Qintel analysts team seamlessly with responders, diving into cyber criminal communities to gather intelligence, tearing apart malware, performing digital forensics and leveraging our pool of international contacts to help organize effective defenses and mitigation.

Qintel also offers a variety of proactive services for clients, such as adversarial tool research, pen testing, and code repository monitoring.

Services Highlights

External Incident Response graphic

External Incident Response | “Outside-In” Incident Response

Qintel is the leader in what we consider an “outside-in” approach to incident response that helps dramatically expedite the IR process. The biggest challenge responders often have is finding relevant signals in the haystacks of logs. Qintel can quickly attribute an incident based on a few indicators and feed all of the intelligence connected to the identified adversary back to responders, including an actor’s methodologies, capabilities, and historical use of infrastructure.

Qintel can also help to find exposed credentials potentially associated with an incident, or the service an adversary used to anonymize their access, along with associated IP addresses.

Investigative Support graphic

Investigative Support

Qintel can conduct in-depth research and analysis to support your investigations. Our veteran team of investigators and research analysts can analyze complex problems and then use Qintel’s vast data stores, combined with their own expertise, to get you the answers you need.

Passive and Targeted Intelligence Collection graphic

Passive and Targeted Intelligence Collection

Our expertise in the cyber underground allows us to navigate criminal communities to find and acquire the specific intelligence and data you need based on requirements Qintel works with you to develop.

Malware Analysis graphic

Malware Analysis

Qintel’s in-house reverse engineering experts can provide analysis and context to malware incidents affecting your network.