Fraud flourishes when there is limited knowledge of new customers, which can lead to rampant synthetic account creation. QAuth provides the necessary insights into user signup information to mitigate new account risk, including the age, reputational and ownership history of email and IP addresses, as well as valuable KYC data points.

QAuthTM Delivers

For online businesses, a new user is simply a new row of data made up of a number of single data points with no history: an email address, an IP address, a mobile number and possibly a name or physical address. To effectively manage this risk, businesses need a partner with the data reach to turn unknowns into knowns.

For QAuth, we turned the proven attribution capabilities of our data into a powerful tool for customer ID authentication and verification. This gives clients access to billions of historical records and trillions of data points that build out the “digital footprint” of an individual.

Starting with the QAuth email address lookup, users gain the necessary insights to manage new user risk. QAuth searches return key reputational information, including the email’s age, activity, and IP location history. As a feature unique to QAuth, the returns also indicate whether the email has been used by individuals engaged in malicious activity. This unique insight helps improve both Know Your Customer (KYC) and customer ID authentication processes.

QAuth’s IP intelligence feature also provides organizations with anonymization intelligence taken directly from QSentry, Qintel’s proxy detection service that collects information right from the source.

QAuthTM Highlights

positive and negative signals graphic

QAuth provides users with positive and negative signals around IP and email addresses

Email queries graphic

Email queries supply users with access to the age and reputational history of billions of email addresses, as well as their association with names or addresses

IP intelligence graphic

QAuth integrates QSentry’s IP intelligence into returns to surface suspicious IP addresses

Key differentiators graphic

Key differentiators between QAuth and other services are: the ability to screen email addresses for cyber crime and terrorist associations, and the provision of IP geolocation history associated with email addresses