Our Data Origins

A Flow is born

All lakes are the product of the slow, grinding forces of nature. Forming a lake of data is not much different. Any quality dataset must be built over time with relentless focus.

Over 10 years ago, Qintel began life as a boutique investigations firm that specialized in attribution research using a variety of unique and proprietary data sources collected over the previous decade.

The data that led to our early successes were later made available to our customers to conduct their own research.

From Data Stream to a Great Lake

As we broadened our data collections, different use cases emerged that allowed our clients to get out ahead of problems. Qintel was the first to market with proactive credential authentication mitigation solutions and patch management intelligence.

We soon realized that our data had tipped the scales from negative reputational signals to positive ones. No other company can match our repository of identity components, such as email addresses or IP proxy information. As such, Qintel has also been able leverage our data to stop fraud in the account creation process with strong reputational information.

The Data Lake

from a gorge of unstructured data, to easy queries

As anyone who deals with datasets collected from disparate sources knows, organizing and combining unstructured data is a challenge.

Qintel solves this problem in a way that allows a user to access all data in a structured manner, whether it is through our APIs, GUIs or third-party integrations.

Tools like CrossLinkTM allow users to quickly pivot and view data from multiple angles, whereas others, like QWatchTM, are feeds of high quality operational data.

500K +

Sources of data.

10K +

Threat actors identified in CrossLink.


Overall signals/selectors.


Records of telemetry data.


Sophisticated queries & relationship discovery.

Qintel’s remarkable data sets provide so much value for our clients because of the ability to support sophisticated queries, discover relationships, and pivot to pursue newly developed insights across data domains.

QFlow is the proprietary technology framework that underpins this capability. Conceived from the ground up as an extensible data-management and enrichment pipeline, QFlow scales to handle the continuous ingestion and storage of Qintel’s ever-growing range of data inputs. Embedded in the process are agents that intuit structure within the data, identify relevant features, discover relationships and maximize the recognition and extraction of intelligence primitives. QFlow preserves the heritage of every data element. The result enables full-depth exploration of linkages and powerful provenance-based filtering and association.

QFlow’s technology helps form the basis for Qintel’s product line, including our tremendously flexible searching and correlation platform for analysts, investigators, and network defenders.

Bring Your Own Data

Qintel clients are encouraged to bring their own data into CrossLink and cross-pollinate it with the native data to cultivate new insights. All client-submitted data can be permissioned to designated user groups and is stored in an ISO-certified environment.